Friday, October 4, 2019

1:00 PM -4:00 PM
12:30 PM - 1:00 PM – Registration

Ohio State Bar Association
1700 Lake Shore Drive, Columbus OH, 43204



1:00 PM - 1:25 PM

Presented by:
Justice Patrick Fischer
Supreme Court of Ohio


Living Your Highest Professional Ideals through Community Engagement

Lawyers are uniquely equipped to facilitate change in their communities but do not always use their skills for that purpose.  Yet our oaths, like Professional Ideals for Ohio Lawyers & Judges, A Lawyer’s Creed, and A Lawyer’s Aspirational Ideals, all tell us that a lawyer’s duties go beyond clients, other lawyers, and the courts.  A lawyer’s highest aspirations include answering the call to serve the public.  In fact, lawyers are one of the three original groups of professionals (along with physicians and clergy), and the word “professional” comes from a tradition in ancient times of going to the town square to “profess” that the needs of the community come before one’s own.  Justice Fischer will help us recall our connection to the town square by talking about lawyers’ civic and professional responsibility to meet this call to serve and how attorneys can thoughtfully engage and work with the public to bring about positive outcomes.



1:30 PM – 1:55 PM

Presented by:
Yukiko Yee
Ohio Access to Justice Foundation

Sarah Skow
Spengler Nathanson LLP

Exemplary Board Leadership

A Lawyer’s Professional Ideals calls upon attorneys to devote some of their time and skills to activities that promote the common good.  One of the most impactful ways to meet this duty is through board leadership.   Yet while many attorneys serve on boards, only some achieve exemplary leadership.  This session, led by experienced board leaders, will discuss ways to maximize positive community impact by becoming an outstanding board member.  They will review the responsibilities of all board members as well as the unique duties lawyers have while serving on a board.  They will then touch on how to seek out board positions and why the decision to accept an invitation to serve is so important.  Finally, they will share the professional satisfaction their own board leadership experiences brought while creating positive results for their communities.



2:00 PM – 2:25 PM

Presented by:
Laura Austin
Director of Policy and Outreach, Office
of the Ohio Public Defender

Kailee Goold
Senior Counsel, Litigation at Cardinal Health

Community Conversation 

To effectively participate in activities that promote the common good, as espoused by A Lawyer’s Creed and A Lawyer’s Guide to Professional Ideals, lawyers must be a part of community discussion.  That is why attorneys, now more than ever, need to step outside comfortable social circles with their colleagues and participate in greater community conversations.  This session will discuss how attorneys can shine both in-person and on social media – not merely listening in but becoming an influencer.



2:30 PM – 2:55 PM

Presented by:
Betsy Hartschuh
Witschey, Witschey & Firestine

Joseph Wenger
Tenth District Court of Appeals

Next-Level Volunteering

Whether you cook dinner in a soup kitchen, provide pro bono legal services, or run all the charity races in town, you are fulfilling to the legal community’s commitment to serve the public good.  But what is the next step?  How do we continue to heed the Statement Regarding the Provision of Pro Bono Legal Services by Ohio Lawyers?  Beyond volunteering for existing service opportunities, some attorneys see a need in their local communities and create a new program or organization that addresses that need.  Attorneys who have taken volunteering to the next level speak about why, how, and when they undertook such a venture and how they made it succeed.  Presenters will talk about identifying and collaborating with key stakeholders, assessing possible solutions to a community need, executing their ideas, and overcoming challenges along the way.  They will also discuss how attorneys are uniquely situated to imagine and execute new opportunities for service that lead to positive outcomes in their community. 



3:00 PM – 3:25 PM

Presented by:
Paul Unger
Affinity Consulting Group

Top-Notch Teaching

Lawyers are frequently called upon to instruct adult organizations, student classes, and other lawyers in CLEs.  And according to A Lawyer’s Guide to Professional Ideals, we have a responsibility to educate the public, law school students, and other lawyers about the rule of law.  Even so, the skills needed to practice law and the skills needed to teach others are very different; the most talented lawyers are not necessarily the most effective teachers.  This session will demonstrate how to teach with impact.  Participants will learn how to use the power of pictures and other visuals, easily connect to and engage with audience participants, and facilitate a high-quality educational experience. 



3:30 PM – 4:00 PM

Volunteer Fair

Selected OSBF Grantees will provide opportunities for attendees to sign up for service in their communities.