John M. Buchenic Honored for Community Service by Ohio State Bar Foundation

September 27, 2017

Columbus, OH (Sept. 28, 2017)—John M. Buchenic received the Ohio State Bar Foundation’s District 18 Community Service Award for Attorneys 40 & Under on September 27, 2017.

A graduate of Hiram College and Ohio Northern University College of Law, John runs a private practice, Buchenic Law Office, in Hubbard, OH. However, his spare time, he is leading the next generation of volunteers through his service.

Buchenic shares, ‘My passion for community involvement is driven by my experiences traveling the world and the abject suffering I’ve witnessed in many places I have been.”

Founder of Global Development Solutions (GDS), LLC., a non-profit designed to connect organizations working on global issues, Buchenic has worked diligently with stakeholder groups to provide strategic and thoughtful solutions to improve clean water, food security, economic stability and ecosystem preservation. GDS has operations in Kenya, Haiti, Pakistan and the United States.

Buchenic details what motivates him to continue his international service, “It's a bit grim, but it's true that the people I've met, their lives could be so much better with such little effort and expenditure. That’s what drives me.”

A partnership with The Solar Sisters, an organization investing in women entrepreneurs through clean energy has resulted in a successful program highlighting the beneficial impact of cooking with solar cookers and clean cooking stoves. Most recently, GDS has conducted a number of summer educational programs for middle and high school-aged children in Hubbard, Youngstown, Girard, the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, and in the Mill Creek Metro Park to teach them about solar ovens and renewable energy within the community.

GDS is also partnering with The Alfred W. Couch Farm Co. in Hiram, OH to provide ecological learning to children with autism as well as supporting the Hubbard Farmers Market to help provide affordable farm fresh foods.

About the Award

The Community Service Award for Attorneys 40 and Under is presented to attorneys, 40 years of age or younger, who contribute substantial time and effort in service to a local social service or to a local civic, artistic or cultural organization. The service must be outside the recipients’ practice of law and given without compensation. Emphasis is placed on current service. Recipients represent the ideals of the legal profession and, by example, are a credit to the profession.

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