Outstanding Program or Organization

Award Nomination Form

The Outstanding Program or Organization Award is given annually to a program or organization that promotes dissemination of information about, increases access to, and/or generates improvements in, the Ohio justice system.
NEW in 2021 – in line with the OSBF’s Racial Justice Initiative (RJI), nominees for the Outstanding Program or Organization Award will have worked towards and/or have made significant gains in the pursuit of justice and public understanding of the law for historically marginalized communities of color in Ohio. 

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Nominee Information
Nominator Information
  • Please attach a letter that includes detailed information supporting the nomination of the individual, organization or program.
  • Please be sure to provide a description of the research project(s), service, program, history and/or community service of the nominee and the impact on the profession, justice system and/or community.
  • A brief biographical or historical sketch of nominee
  • Resumes, newspaper articles, videos, annual reports, etc. may be included in the nomination packet; however, they may not be used in substitution for a detailed nomination letter. Letters of recommendation are accepted, but must be submitted with the original nomination.
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