OSBF's Racial Justice Initiative

$500,000 in Grant Funding Now Available


For the first time ever, the OSBF is providing up to $500,000 in grant funding to support initiatives focused on long-lasting impact and institutional change for racial justice. This grant money will be given out in addition to the Foundation’s traditional grant cycles.

Grant applications for OSBF’s new Racial Justice Initiative should specifically address and support initiatives concerning systemic racism that hinder the pursuit of justice and public understanding of the rule of law for the historically marginalized communities of color in Ohio.


OSBF announces PHASE ONE grant recipient

During phase one of the Racial Justice Initiative grant cycle, the OSBF is awarding a $15,000 grant to the Health Policy Institute of Ohio’s Connections Between Criminal Justice and Health Brief and will be a presenting sponsor of the Community Arts Project’s HeART of Protests.

With OSBF’s grant funding, the Health Policy Institute of Ohio will create its new policy brief, which will provide research on the following:

  • The relationship between criminal justice and health
  • Data and information on how racism and inequities in the criminal justice system impact the overall health and wellbeing of Ohioans of color
  • Opportunities for improvement across the criminal justice and health systems
  • Evidence-informed policy approaches to eliminate racism, advance equity, reduce spending, and improve outcomes in the criminal justice and health systems

The new brief will be provided to legislators, state policymakers, and other stakeholders to increase their knowledge of the factors that impact both criminal justice and health, including racism, neighborhood conditions, education, family, and community violence and policing practices. 

The OSBF also is giving a $25,000 sponsorship to support the Community Arts Project’s HeART of Protests. The HeART of Protest series, convened by the King Arts Complex, runs from Juneteenth through Election Day. The project represents 28 organizations in Columbus that have come together to create 46 (consequential) days of artistic protest. Each entity will focus on telling an aspect of the story of Black America, from slavery to the present day. Through its unique art form, the call to action for this project is voter registration.



Grant funding for the Racial Justice Initiative will continue and occur in phases. The deadline for phase two is October 15 at 5 PM. Subsequent phase deadlines will occur on January 15, 2021 and March 15, 2021. Applications that are submitted after one of the deadlines will be considered for the next phase, pending availability of funds and continuance of the initiative.


Submitting an Application

If you're interested in submitting an application, organizations must first email a letter of intent (LOI) to or schedule a pre-submission conference with OSBF Grants Manager Tiffany Patterson. To schedule a call with Tiffany, click here. LOIs can be emailed to TPatterson@OSBF.net.

All applications can be submitted through OSBF’s online portal. For new applicants who need to create an account and start a new request, click here. For returning applicants who wish to start a new request, continue a saved request, view a previous submission, or manage grant requirements, click here.

Organizations can apply for grant money through the OSBF's Racial Justice Initiative and through the traditional grants cycle. However, the proposals must be unrelated.


Applicant Resources

As your organization works through the grant application process, reference the resources below for help.



If you have any questions, please contact OSBF Grants Manager Tiffany Patterson at 614-487-4483 or TPatterson@OSBF.net.